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Winter Child of Autumn | TCM 5-Element Natural Inspirations for health

Metal and Water Chi

As Autumn (Metal energy) falls into Winter (Water energy) the trees let go of their colourful leaves, making way for elements of the next season to emerge; allowing its colder, deeper, characteristics to meander in, with chilly winds amongst the russets, coppers and purples of the grounded leaves.

Metal energy (relating to the lungs & large intestines) brings into focus the need to let go of stuck thoughts and feelings; making now a good time to clear out personal clutter (mental, physical, emotional and environmental).

Water energy (kidney/bladder) contributes to this process by helping us cleanse our thoughts, feelings and physical body.

During this transitional period – before winter becomes too established and we hunker down for the rest of the season – I like to associate encroaching water energy characteristics as a prompt to reflect upon our personal requirements;  to divert us away from the negatives in our lives and surroundings and to redirect the flow towards the positives.   We can then be content to snuggle up by the fire and find a place for all those Christmas goodies and presents that need a new home … somewhere!


Working to replenish, restore, rebalance;  Louise’s treatments are informed by Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy (TCM) and the harmonies of the 5 Elements.

Louise offers Reflexology Plus TCM 5 Elements Workshops Classes and Mentoring as well as  ‘Hands in Chi’  Wellness Links  hand reflexology workshops for therapists.




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