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If you nurture one aspect of yourself, you nurture another.

What’s it all about?  The feet, face, hands and ears are interpreted as ‘mini-me’ maps of the body and often the emotions too.  A reflexologist reads and assesses various indicator signs and corresponding micro-reflexes so treatments can be tailored to a client’s individual needs.  We are not allowed to clinically diagnose from these indicators but in reflexology terms they are seen as guiding stress cues that may relate to aspects of wellness.  I am particularly influenced by the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy (TCM), the fascinating ‘Five-Elements’ personality profiles of you and me and their body-nurturing meridian counter-parts which contribute greatly to my understanding and methodology.  Meridians form a sustaining and dynamic energy network system for each of us. Maintaining their efficient nourishing flow with reflexology is good body maintenance and especially beneficial for Mother and baby during the demands of pregnancy.

Say yes to reflexology for: positive self-care maintenance and nurturing some aspects of mobility, circulation, digestion, hormones, sleep – a helping hand for support from conception to birth – cleansing – stress and anxiety reducing – tension relieving – calming and relaxing – restoring physical and emotional equilibrium on which much of our holistic health depends.  Testimonials

Is reflexology for me?  More than pure massage, designed to de-stress, nourish, energise and re-balance your sense of self my relaxing but invigorating range of non-invasive complimentary therapies can be used individually or blended to meet your needs.  Foot reflexology, facial reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) are brilliant de-stressors so any time could be treatment time to counter the demands of modern living life-style pressures.  Whether you are feeling out of kilter, addressing specific wellness concerns, recuperating after illness, getting ready for baby on your conception/pregnancy journey (see below) or just want to chill and recharge, think of my Reflexology Plus therapies as an investment in you.

For a range of client-presenting symptoms please see Testimonials

The power of touch.

The incredible warmth generated by the hands stays in place, like an internal hot water bottle but with the added bonus of an infusion of energy from within.  I felt calmed and energized at the same time”. Fiona K.


My style: my hands-on approach offers soothing but firm connectivity.  I work with the tangible ebb and flow of your subtle energies on particular zones, meridian yin-yang pathways and responsive acupressure and reflex points on the face, hands, feet and lower legs to suit your needs.  Additionally, I have a range of counselling skills as a support resource for helping clients focus on key issues and separate out from stress.  My intention: to redirect, refresh and restore your energy for increased physical and emotional positivity and mind-body calm.


More about the treatments.

Reflexology for wellness & wellbeing.

Look after your feet and your feet will look after you!  To me your feet are fascinating – they paint a picture or tell a story which guides my approach at each appointment.  My energising and restoring treatments bring a fusion of global insights to enhance and augment regular reflexology.   Some are specially designed to suit different stages of pregnancy care (see below).  I find these synergistic partnerships consolidate the foundation of main-stream techniques and thinking for greater connectivity, creativity and deeper treatment resonance.


“A friend highly recommended I visit Louise when I was looking for something to balance me out at a time when it felt like everything was too much. It’s one if the best things I’ve ever done. Through her treatment & holistic approach Louise has really helped and encouraged me on my journey, leaving me more relaxed, less stressed and a better sense of well-being.”  Liz S.

Reflexology for your pregnancy journey.

“Reflexology can be of great support to women throughout pregnancy and can help promote general well-being”. Rest and replenish: my aim is to progressively support your physical and emotional well-being with my reflexology the meridian way as you and your baby journey together during a period where hormones, energy and emotional levels fluctuate during the course of pregnancy.  It is a privilege and a joy for me to share the journey with you. Quote: Association or Reflexologists publications:

Thank you so much to my lovely Mums who’ve provided testimonials. 


“Thank you Louise for all my reflexology sessions so far-they have been invaluable . . . I am 33 weeks pregnant and I find my reflexology sessions a great way to physically, mentally and emotionally balance and rejuvenate me. Not only are they blissfully relaxing and soothing but they relieve my symptoms of bloating, heartburn and swelling in feet and hands. I definitely always notice the difference and significant improvement with the puffiness and swelling of my feet that carries for days after my sessions. Reflexology also aids my fatigue and leaves me with a great sense of well-being! I just love my sessions with you”.  Justyna.

Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem:

This rejuvenating facial therapy is a combo of ancient and modern massage, reflexology, acu-pressure (no needles) and meridian head and face flows, topped up with nourishing techniques from the Far East and South America to cleanse and revitalise the skin. This treatment invites a calm balancing effect on the whole body – some of my clients have found it especially helpful for calming tension headaches, soothing ‘gut reactions’ and with professional approval for post stroke comfort.


“The reflexology facial given by Louise is probably the best facial experience I have had. The rose hip oil used was lovely, as it was gentle and soothing on my skin; the delicate rose scent added to the feeling. Louise’s touch is very slight, yet strong enough to feel my skin was receiving a massage. I think because there is no extraction or changing of creams, the whole experience was the most relaxing I have ever had. My skin felt soft and supple, moreover I felt calm and relaxed; I can only recommend you give it a go.” Jane R.


Tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique):

“I choose my thoughts with care.  I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at my world. I am willing to change and grow”  (Louise L Hay).

Working with positive words and thoughts and physically tapping into meridian pathways creates an energetic link between them.  It’s a good synergy, thinking-feeling connection system.   Inspiring: my guided therapeutic ‘Positive Emotional Freedom Technique’ – generally known as ‘Tapping’ – works to exchange the negatives for the positives, to shift the boundaries of limiting thought and related behaviour patterns which have an impact on our sense of wellbeing.  This helps you move, step by step, to kinder emotional perspectives and reduced stress levels.


Please note this positive development technique encapsulates my ‘Meridian Way’ range of holistic therapies for well-being and personally uplifting self-care maintenance.  It is not recommended as a substitute for mainstream counselling or professional psycho-therapy.


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