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Five Elements

“Our emotions are the origins of our physical health.” Emotions, thoughts, feelings: in balance they enhance.  Out of balance they disrupt.

We are a microcosm of the universe:  just as the year has seasons, our own life has seasons.  Just as the day has a 24 hour cycle so does our natural body rhythms.  Everything about us interacts, everything is in a relationship.  This awareness of holistic being is Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy in a large part expressed by the meridians and TCM Five-Elements.


What are the Five-Elements?  They are a compass for the spectrum of how you think, feel and function, emotionally and physically.  Each element has a special association with a particular body organ which in turn has its own meridian partner.  Each grouping has a particular sphere of influence, each sphere of influence has a particular temperament, each temperament has a tendency.  In balance they enhance; out of balance they disrupt.

You can see more about such relationships in the charts below.

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