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Male or female, young or old, put a spring in your step and your wellbeing with my reflexology plus therapies – working the meridian way for wellness.

Unwind. Relax. De-stress. Restore.

Re-connecting the physical and emotional synergies of you with Reflexology Plus. 

The physical and emotional aspects of you are integrated and inseparable. They make you who you are and how you respond to life’s ups and downs.  Both are empathetically nurtured and re-calibrated through the synergy of my soothing and restorative Reflexology Plus therapies. In this way, your stress can be reduced, your energy revitalised and equilibrium restored.


Not all reflexology is the same.

A different basis: East meets West in my therapies resumé, informed by the nature-inspired philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  This includes the marvellous body-nurturing Meridians system and the personally illuminating Five-Elements profiles.  This humanly fascinating and creative duo represents and supports the many facets and functions that move and drive us.  My approach is also greatly influenced by Donna Eden’s ‘Energy Medicine’.


“I have been receiving reflexology from Louise, initially for insomnia and stress-related symptoms.  The whole ambience of the experience – music, colour, relaxation, facial and foot treatment – has led to a complete feeling of relaxation, with improvement in my symptoms. Louise is always eager to answer my questions, and provide an explanation of this Chinese therapy. This is the best reflexology I have had and I always look forward to my next session. I plan to continue with this lovely treatment for an overall sense of wellbeing”.  Rona R.


A different touch: soothing meridian therapy and sensitive acupressure techniques, augment the tenets of main-stream reflexology and – in my experience – enhance the body’s responses for release and deep relaxation – so important for maintaining good health. Empathy: it’s all about moderating, hands-on resonance through the sensitive power of touch therapies.


“Thank God for Louise.  Gentle and powerful.  Deep and transformative.  Her treatments take body and mind, heart and soul to a place of harmony and healing. Thank you Louise!”. Jenny F.

What’s so special?

The energy you don’t see is as important as the energy you feel.

Meridians represent the high-ways and by-ways of our personal energy network and the Five-Elements our physical and emotional energy blue print.  Together they form our individual GPS system upon which the natural rhythms of our health depend.  Acting as wellness indicators, they also jump-start our energies, nourish the entire body and its systems and uncover stress imbalances.  The nuances of their enriching relationships provide guidance for redressing the effects of stress.  Emotional Freedom Technique also ‘taps’ into the spectrum of this energy recalibration system.


Why you? Why me?

How I can help? Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, balance – from sole to soul, I offer you the benefit of 30 years’ holistic caring and counselling experience.  Wellness is a state of being.  De-stressing and unwinding the journey.  Detoxing and re-balancing the process.  Helping you feel holistically supported and better than when you first walked through my treatment room door is the destination.  For more information please check my therapies and testimonials.


The energy exchange.

Let your body relax and your soul breathe.  Get back into harmony with my range of therapies.

  • Reflexology + ‘Chi-Reflexology’
  • Facial Reflexology
  • Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)


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