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Becoming you.  Becoming mind-body positive.
Listen to your body and you listen to your feelings.
Listen to your feelings and you listen to your thoughts. Connecting the physical and emotional synergy of you! It’s good to honour both with my Reflexology Plus Therapies.

Reflexology + ‘Chi-Reflexology’   Facial Reflexology
Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

Making connections for integrated health and well-being the meridian way:  Working with meridians and the TCM 5-Elements helps us understand the soap-opera energies of our wellbeing!  Meridians are our energy highways and by-ways. 5-Elements our physical and emotional energy blue print. Representing the many facets and functions of energy that move and drive us emotionally and physically and upon which our health depends.

What’s so special? Together, they form our personal wellness ‘GPS’ system;  jump start our energies, nourish the entire body, uncover stress imbalances, build on the foundations of traditional reflexology and lead to deeper treatment resonance. Emotional Freedom Technique also taps into this energy recalibration system.

How I can help: I offer you the benefit of over 20 years’ holistic, caring and counselling experience plus a range of compatible, relaxing and restorative therapies designed to nourish, energise and re-balance the physical and emotional aspects of you.  My aim is to help you feel holistically supported and better than when you first walked through my treatment-room door testimonials.

The physical and emotional are inseparable aspects of you. If you nurture one aspect you nurture another.  

A different basis a different touch. Not all reflexology is the same! Ancient and Modern. East meets West: My treatment resumé is based on the wisdom and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Philosophy plus the empathetic and creative ‘Chi-Reflexology’ system by Moss Arnold to soothingly enhance methodology. My approach is also greatly influenced by the wonderful Donna Eden’s ‘Energy Medicine’

Blending the best for your needs: Additionally, from my trainings over the years with highly respected international experts, I can look to a range of diverse treatment insights and different touch-style traditions for extra enhancement and focus. Some of them are especially tailored for the pregnancy journey.  

Why you. Why me? Wellness is a state of Be-ing. Whether you are addressing specific wellness issues, recovering after illness, getting ready for baby – or just want to chill to re-harmonise the stress hormones:  de-stressing is the journey, unwinding the process, un-stressed the destination, caring for you my mission. For more info check my Therapies

Mind body spirit united! Let your body relax and your soul breathe Reflexology Plus Therapies is part of Soul 2 Sole Therapies with Louise

Disclaimer Please note the information provided on my website is for informational or educational purposes only.  It is not intended as a substitute for professional healthcare advice for you from your doctor or specialist physician.

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