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“The meridians are the ultimate connection between visible and invisible. Each of the major twelve meridians has its own function that relates to a specific organ system”. Grand Master Kx-Hua Qigong Master.

‘Energy is your body’s magic’: Chi, energy or prana, represents our vital life-force and it needs to flow freely through the meridian network system to energise every aspect of ourselves.  If we are well our chi is good.  If we are ill our chi is poor.

Meridians mobilise the flow of chi: like rivers connecting to all joints, muscles, organs and body systems, meridians form a nourishing and dynamic energy network all over the body.  Descending, ascending, flowing – surfacing near the skin for access via therapeutic focus points to help regulate their flow.

Pathways of purpose: meridian pathways are not visible but with sensitive touch skills their yin-yang mapping can be felt.  Out-of-kilter emotions and prolonged stress eventually manifest as their energy blocks which, if ignored, may consequently negate against wellness. My intention is to empathetically mobilise and re-direct your energy flow to where it’s needed with chi-restoring treatments.

Restoring Partnerships: ‘from the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) health-care perspective meridians and the 5-Elements have a natural, holistic, affinity.  They are a complimentary and synergistic yin-yang partnership for maintaining physical and emotional equilibrium as far as possible.  Acting as wellness indicators, the nuances of their relationships provide guidance for redressing the effects of stress.  You can find out more about the TCM Five Elements here.

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Energy Magic Reference: Quote – Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

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