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Making connections for integrated health and well-being the meridian way.

Chi needs to flow to energise: ‘Chi’, energy or prana, represents our vital life-force.  The heart pumps blood, chi pumps energy.  If we are well our chi is good.  If we are ill our chi is poor.

Meridians are your body’s energy transport system: like personal ‘high-ways’ and ‘by-ways’ connecting to all joints, muscles, organs and body systems, meridians form a nourishing and dynamically sensitive energy network all over the body.  Descending, ascending, flowing – surfacing near the skin for access via therapeutic focus (acupressure) points.  Their pathways are not visible but with sensitive touch their energy can be felt.

Stress disrupts: Meridians beneficially mobilise the flow of chi. Unfortunately, out-of-kilter emotions and continued stress eventually manifest as their energy ‘road blocks’ which, of course, impacts negatively upon the balance of physical and emotional well-being.

Good body logic: Shifting and lifting the effects of stress and keeping the meridians as free-flowing as possible is where my well-being Reflexology Plus maintenance therapies come in to assist. If you’d like to book an appointment please contact me

Powerful Partnerships: The Meridians and 5-Elements hang out in harmony in therapeutic treatment terms.  Health Harmonies: As wellness indicators, the nuances of their relationships provide guidance to emotional and physical dis-harmonies due, say, to poor health or stress.

‘Energy is your body’s magic’! My intention: to redirect your energy to where it’s needed through meridian health system with touch-sensitive, deeply relaxing and restoring treatments.

Reference: Quote – Donna Eden, Energy Medicine

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