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Below is lovely feedback from some of my clients. Whilst I cannot promise the same for everyone I treat, I trust the following demonstrates how rewarding my therapies can be. I am most grateful for the following generous endorsements and hope they might tempt you to make an appointment with me.

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Pregnancy – going with the flow

“When I was pregnant my reflexology treatments with Louise were the highlight of my month. The sessions were based on how I felt at that particular time. If I was exhausted the treatment would leave me feeling energised, or if I was stressed I would feel very relaxed and content. Louise is very intuitive with heaps of knowledge and experience that she applies in each session. Louise is amazing she knows how to make youand Bump feel great”. Wendy Mc.

The Power of Touch

“The incredible warmth generated by the hands stays in place like an internal hot waer bottle but with the added bonus of an ifusion of energy from within. I felt calmed and energised at the same time”. Fiona K.

Sooth Away the Stress

“I find Louise’s reflexology extremely soothing and relaxing. Time seems to find a new dimension. I feel it has definitely helped with tension and stress and I leave feeling relaxed for days afterwars. Thank you”. Nigel W.

Nurturing during Pregnancy

“Thank you Louise for all my reflexology sessions so far-they have been invaluable . . . I am 33 weeks pregnant and I find my reflexology sessions a great way to physically, mentally and emotionally balance and rejuvenate me. Not only are they blissfully relaxing and soothing but they relieve my symptoms of bloating, heartburn and swelling in feet and hands. I definitely always notice the difference and significant improvement with the puffiness and swelling of my feet that carries for days after my sessions. Reflexology also aids my fatigue and leaves me with a great sense of well-being! I just love my sessions with you.” Justyna P

Stress & Back Pain

“I had been suffering from chronic back pain for several months and despite trying lots of alternative therapies, I was continually in pain and beginning to feel very low. I decided to have a ‘Chi Reflexology’ treatment with Louise. After the first treatment I felt so much better, the pain had eased off and my spirits were lifted and I felt very positive for the first time about the future. I continued to have regular treatments with Louise.
Louise was able to detect that my back pain was linked to adrenal stress which made total sense to me once she explained everything. I thoroughly enjoy the treatments, Louise has a wonderful light touch, I always feel rejuvenated and relaxed after a treatment and I’m always looking forward to the next one. My health is slowly improving thanks to Louise’s expert treatments and aftercare advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending Louise to anyone with health issues or for just for general pampering” Rachel K.

Chill-out Time!

“I was amazed at how relaxed I felt during the treatment session considering the stress I have experienced recently. I just experienced a feeling of well being which was rather enjoyable. Many thanks.” Elaine B.

Harmonious Transformations

“Louise has such a special touch. I felt this in my facial treatment and in the change for the better afterwards. Someone who knew me well said: ‘You look very well’! They didn’t know it was Louise who had worked her magic! I’d just received her facial reflexology” Jenny F.

Reflex-therapy (face, hands, body, feet) Baby Overdue

“I went to Louise while pregnant with my first baby and a week overdue. Louise immediately put me at ease and I felt very calm and centred in her presence and throughout the reflexology session. Louise explained what she would do and why;
I really enjoyed my first session with her. I booked a second session and had the same positive experience. I’m not sure if it was the reflexology which encouraged baby to make an appearance (I’d like to think it was!) but within 4 hours of my second session with Louise I started having contractions! I would definitely recommend Louise to anyone and will be visiting her again.

Re: Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem, Feeling Good

“The reflexology facial given by Louise is probably the best facial experience I have had. The rose hip oil used was lovely, as it was gentle and soothing on my skin; the delicate rose scent added to the feeling. Louise’s touch is very slight, yet strong enough to feel my skin was receiving a massage. I think because there is no extraction or changing of creams, the whole experience was the most relaxing I have ever had. My skin felt soft and supple, moreover I felt calm and relaxed; I can only recommend you give it a go.” Jane R

Re: De-Stressed

“Louise delivers her treatments with great care and compassion. I have been with her for several years and look forward to each visit more and more. As well as the healing and de-stressing elements, the treatment is just so nice and incredibly relaxing !” David J

Re: Back in Balance

“A friend highly recommended I visit Louise when I was looking for something to balance me out at a time when it felt like everything was too much. It’s one if the best things I’ve ever done. Through her treatment & holistic approach Louise has really helped and encouraged me on my journey, leaving me more relaxed, less stressed and a better sense of well-being.” Liz S

Re: Improving Health and Wellbeing

“I have been receiving reflexology from Louise, initially for insomnia and stress-related symptoms.
The whole ambience of the experience – music, colour, relaxation, facial and foot treatment – has lead to a complete feeling of relaxation, with improvement in my symptoms.
Louise is always eager to answer my questions, and provide an explanation of this Chinese therapy. This is the best reflexology I have had and I always look forward to my next session. I plan to continue with this lovely treatment for an overall sense of wellbeing” Rona R

Be Yourself

“It’s such a subtle form of healing and a wonderful opportunity just to be” Vivian B

Love and Marriage

“…Reflexology is a must for me. I’ve been seeing Louise for approximately 18 years which speaks for itself!” …A
Christmas present from my wife for a course of Reflexology with Louise to help with my ailments was 7 years ago. No
regrets and entirely agree with my wife’s comments and would add relaxation and a sense of well being top of the list.” Husband and wife Bryan & Sylvia W

Holistic Healing

“Thank God for Louise. Gentle and powerful. Deep and transformative. Her treatments take body and mind;
heart and soul to a place of harmony and healing. Thank you Louise!” Jenny F

Emotional TCP

“I first came to Louise when I was going through a difficult family crisis and she showed great sensitivity as we talked my feelings through. Then she made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a highly professional way. The treatment itself is extremely powerful in a gentle way. After having regular sessions for about a year now, I have attained an inner peace that I cherish” Judy S.

Floating On Air

“Just a short note to say thank you, thank you, for the wonderful treatment I receive. I leave you floating on
air! For one hour a month I am transported to another world, a world of peace and tranquility! I wish I could come
every day!” Gina S

Painful Feet

“I was recommended to Louise by a friend, I work as a carpenter and Joiner and spend all day on my feet, I also
love running and cycling so am quite active all the time. As a result I was suffering from ‘tired feet’ – during my working
day my feet became so painful and sore that I could do nothing more. I have had several, usually 3 weekly, treatments
with Louise, and with her warm and professional manner, she has helped me focus on being calm, relaxing more and
being aware of my body. I often feel invigorated for days after the treatment” John R

Holistic Healing

“Louise is a perfect practitioner of Chi-Reflexology: it has enabled me to put my mind and body back together” Julie B

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