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“Each one of us sails along a different course, much like a ship upon a sea. Ultimately, it’s not about where you land at the end of the voyage, it’s about the interactions among the people involved along the way!” (Doreen Virtue: Daily Guidance from your Angels).


Louise has been practising reflexology for over thirty years. My background experience lies in the fields of Psychotherapy and Counselling as well as the Pharmaceutical Industry. I have been inspired by many eminent teachers and trainers from around the globe and I am particularly grateful to the pioneering work of Moss Arnold of the Australian College of Chi Reflexology and the Danish ‘Touch Point’ Team.

Louise is a member of The Association of Meridian & EnergyTherapists (AMT), now known as The Guild of Energists and The Association of Reflexologists (MAR)

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Music & Snow! I like 1940’s/1950’s swing/jive and when opportunity arises cross-country skiing. I believe in the power of positive thinking as a way of everyday Being.  I love family life, animals and looking after people. I have a Christian faith without conventional boundaries and respect the spirituality and individuality of other cultures as part of the rich diversity of life.

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The fascinating dynamics of us: what makes reflexology even more fab for me is applying the holistic health context of TCM’s ‘Five Elements’ with Meridians acupressure work and the power of positivity through Emotional Freedom techniques to revitalise our energies and sense of self. Vital life-force: this brings treatments to life by highlighting the manifesting effects of thoughts, feelings and emotions on physical health and wellbeing.  Colours of life:  I am inspired by the relationship and effects of colour therapy and bring this interest into my work.  I am lucky enough to have been mentored in the Psychology of Colour by a leading Colour Therapy expert Lillian Verner Bonds.


Reflexology is a therapy which continues to explore evolve and innovate.  


E.F.T. & Positive E.F.T. Master Practitioner Emotional Freedom Technique Certificates from The Association of Meridian & Energy Therapists (AMT).

Counselling Skills. Certificates in Cruse Bereavement Care Counselling and R.S.A.Counselling Skills.

Dip. Reflexology ECRA (traditional Ingham Method): This Reflexology qualification is based on a two year advanced reflexology diploma course in accordance with the guide-lines laid down by The Institute of Complementary Medicine.

Dip. Chi-Reflexology (Distinction) Awarded by Moss Arnold’s Australian College of Chi-Reflexology: an accredited training institution with The Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and linked with The Guild of Complementary Practitioners (UK) as well as being affiliated with the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines.

Dip. Facial Reflexology Sorensistem Awarded by Instituto de Reflexologia Facial Internacional de Lone Sorensen

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