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Rise above the Fear! | TCM 5-Element Natural Inspirations for health

The arrival of a New Year traditionally prompts personal reflection on the ups and downs of the previous one – often culminating with an attitude of enthusiastically ‘wiping the slate clean’ in order to start afresh or setting new personal goals that might have been on the back burner for a while.   All topped up, of course, with an avalanche of ‘New Year, New You’ diet and fitness advice from a spectrum of well-meaning media sources . . . Ah the seasonal cycles of life!

Our current season of Winter  relates (in Traditional Chinese Medicine Philosophy) to the element of Water and to kidney and urinary bladder energies.  Within the Cycle of the ‘5 Phases’, each ‘Element’ has an ascribed set of organs, emotions and characteristics which holistically interact with each other.  Amongst these, for example, fear and phobias relate to possible Water Qi imbalance.

millenium wheelFor me, in 2013  I conquered my phobia of heights (I still can’t quite believe it!) by taking a spontaneous ride on the London Eye with my family!  Something thousands of people do all the time without a flinch – but not me.

Despite my innate longing to the contrary, I had, for years, rigidly (Wood element QI imbalance!) refused to even attempt such a daunting experience: I was too scared of heights to embrace the motivational slogan “Feel the fear and do it anyway”.  (Book of same title by Susan Jeffers)

As I calmly looked down from the summit of the London Eye to the people and boats on the river below, I felt a surge of elation as it dawned on me I’d overcome my fear.  It was a wonderful, liberating, experience to visually and emotionally breath in the expansive horizon without knocking knees, a pounding head and heart and a shortness of breath!

I know that personal reflection can open up a mixed bag of emotional perspectives e.g. joy (Fire element energy) or sadness (Metal element energy) and a lot in between too.  The ‘elements of life’ and holistic harmonies of the ‘5 Phases’ are with us every day:  “The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand, as in what direction we are moving. (Oliver Wendell Holmes, The Pilgrim Spirit).

I’d like to close by thanking Jane for the diversity of tips shared and articles and features contained in Pampering Times 2013 series – which have, over time, genuinely helped, informed and inspired – in fact, directly encouraged me – towards putting my ‘Hands in Chi’ Wellness Links reflexology Workshops on to the 2014 training calendar  – with the thought…if they can do it, I can do it!  :   I hope my workshops might encourage you too, to expand your own personal reflexology comfort zone and client/therapist therapeutic treatment journey during 2014. 


Louise Exeter                                                                                        January 2014



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