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Language of the Feet: The Next Step!

When I first embarked on my reflexology journey over 20 years ago I had no idea there was so much to the feet – they just keep giving!

Embracing a theme (close to my TCM 5-Element Heart) of ‘Universal Energy’ Chris Stormer-Fryer’s 2-day workshop at the end of May was a delightful and fun event.  We considered the body’s range of physical expression (symptoms), mental response (reactions) and feelings (personal interpretations) towards the plethora of life circumstances that potentially impinge (negatively or positively) upon health and wellbeing,

It’s Cosmic! TCM Philosophy also embraces the theme of universal energy: Heaven represents the maximum power of yang;  Earth the maximum power of yin and humankind is in between!  Energy filters down from the macro to the micro, ever moving and changing, ebbing and flowing through cyclical patterns – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; creation, birth, evolution, death.


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“As the roots of the body, feet offer essential grounding and stability for personal advancement” [Chris]:  As reflexologists we spend much of our time interpreting the ‘language of the feet’ in all its guises.  I believe many of us at this event were familiar with Chris’s work ethic but her creative and colourful visual charts and dynamic presentation conveyed an extended take on her foot-emotional mapping, the foundations for which she supplied as follows:-

  • The toes reflect thoughts, notions ideas and beliefs
  • Toe necks reflect two-way expression between mind and body
  • Balls of the feet reflect feelings and emotions of self-worth
  • Upper insteps reflect actions and reactions
  • Lower insteps reflect communications and relationships
  • Heels reflect mobility, stability, family and society.

Let it Flow! As Chris says: “It’s important for energy to be constantly on the move, otherwise it becomes trapped and stagnates, further depleting mind, body and soul, by draining them of vibrancy and enthusiasm”.

Body Care: Feel the Chi!  The meridian network flowing throughout the body forms a sensitive energy transport system that’s easily disrupted by stress and out of kilter emotions.  Keeping the flow is vital for wellness and balance.  In fact, ‘moderation’, ‘balance’, ‘harmony’ are bywords with TCM philosophy and the meridian system forms the byways for unblocking, redirecting stuck, deficient or excess chi.

Focus on Caring: I so enjoyed Chris’s motivational workshop and felt there were many parallels with the natural health metaphors of the TCM 5-Elements.  We are all part of one beautiful and precious universe.  The ‘universal’ experience at Chris’s event was about sharing personal reflexology experiences, listening to each other and observing the Language of the Feet.  It was great to spend a focussed weekend with an interestingly diverse group but like-minded people.  Thanks so much Chris.  The Next Step : Looking forward to your forthcoming  e-book.


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