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The Liver: Spring’s antidote to Stress! | TCM 5-Element Natural Inspirations for health

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The Liver: Spring’s antidote to Stress! ©

Which stress direction is your client heading for today?

Can’t See the Wood for the Trees?

Then it’s time to re-set their compass to Spring!  

With TCM Philosophy, each season correlates energetically with the internal organs and systems of the body. For example, the yin periods of Autumn and Winter correlate to Lung and Large Intestine and to Kidney and Bladder respectively.

Go for Green!

Spring falls under the Wood Element, it’s the peak season for the Liver and Gall Bladder: a time for outward, expansive, energy.  For inspiration, just look at the fresh green leaves and buds enthusiastically bursting out into flower.  No wonder green is the colour applied to this Element.

Spring represents a great time for accomplishment, for drawing upon Liver and Gall Bladder’s energetic properties for decisiveness, planning and implementation of dreams and ambitions.

Spring Roles!

With TCM 5-Element Philosophy, the Liver is known as “The General of the Body”: responsible for the storage and movement of blood, for the smooth co-operation and integration of the body’s organs and systems and for the flow of chi throughout. Formation of harmonious ‘movement

between everything (physically and emotionally) characterises this ‘General’s’ efficiency.  Metaphorically speaking, as an overseer, the Liver is happiest when in control!

This might also apply to people whose primary or ‘constitutional’ element falls under the wood phase.   If you want something done…ask a Wood person!

Control for the right reasons!

Dependable ‘Woods’ have the ability to lead and inspire. It gives them pleasure and satisfaction to help others implement ideas germinated, say, during Winter’s yin ‘Water’ (kidney/Bladder) season (a time for sowing the seeds of contemplation) or to kindle the flames of Summer’s Fire Element passions (Heart, Sm. Intestine, Pericardium and Triple Burner). To this end, ‘Woods’ like to take charge, to be in control – when in balance, it’s direction and accomplishment all for the right reasons.

Uptight, it’s not all right!

For the Wood Element, clear indicators of over-stress manifest in indecisiveness…frustration…intolerance…anger… rigidity (physical or mental)! These are stress-imbalance clues that poor ‘Woodies’ have taken on too much for too long and consequently, ‘lost sight of the wood for the trees’!  Other stress clues might be symptoms such as muscle cramps, contractions in the tendons, blurred vision, problematic menstruation issues, anaemia.

Be 5-Element aware though: no two symptoms present for exactly the same reason – each client will have their unique TCM 5-Element and meridian story to tell.


Spring: Good Timing for Body Awareness

Within the co-operative of the 5-Elements, The Liver has an important influence on personal levels of energy and maintaining the good behaviour of its ‘troops’ (the organs)!

As Spring is Liver & Gall Bladder’s ‘season’ it’s a particularly good time to encourage clients to responsibly become liver health aware. You have an ideal TCM 5 Element rational to proffer! Give the Liver a Spring Holiday:  down with accumulated toxins which lower energy levels, up with ‘greens’ in the diet and out for exercise and fresh air to boost energy – and perhaps a bit more reflexology for replenishment and stress reduction!

Circadian Rhythms

Interestingly, too, if your client appointments fall between 1.00pm – 3.00pm go easy because according to the 24 hour ‘Chinese Clock’, this is the Liver’s rest time. [Likewise, 11.00am – 1.00pm for the Gall Bladder]

Liverish All-Sorts!

It is important to note we are all a unique mix of the nuances of the 5-Elements and their integrated subtleties. At different ages, stages and circumstances in our lives, different 5-Element influences may wax and wane. Fundamentally, though, there will be one primary ‘constitutional’ element that predisposes us to particular patterns of behaviour, emotions and health. Recognizing this in our selves and in our clients, amplifies treatment resonance and personal intuition and underpins classic meridian therapy, gifted to us by the wisdom of the Far East.

Fine Tune to feel the rhythm!

With TCM 5-Element Philosophy, The 5-Elements and Meridians are two sides of the same coin, co-existing to serve because we are physical, emotional, mental, spiritual – united.

Increasing stress levels have a negative ripple effect, throwing 5-Element harmonies out of kilter; changing the integrity of their finely balanced relationships.  Eunice Ingham, ‘Mother’ of modern-day Reflexology’, wisely advised about “the necessity of keeping our whole body in motion, every part in perfect rhythm”.

AOR logoThe therapist is the conductor of the 5-Element orchestra: To Fine Tune for more TCM Good Vibrations with Reflexology Plus the Meridian Way™, Louise runs Wellness Links in Chi© CPD Approved Master Classes and Workshops.

The meridian wayLouise Exeter AMT, CNHC, MAR
All text and illustrations © Louise Exeter April 2015

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