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Summer Love | TCM natural inspirations for health

Jump for joy! There’s a reason for the sunshine in the sky, there’s a reason why I’m feeling so high, must be the season when that love light shines all around us!  There is! This is the TCM season for love, laughter, vitality, happiness; for kicking off the shoes and jumping for joy – some of the high vibe qualities associated with Summer’s TCM ‘Element’ or ‘Phase’ of Fire.

It’s not only the bees that buzz in the summer! Like big skies and distant shores, the TCM Fire Element embodies big emotions and the intensity of adolescent love. This is a time when sunshine and holidays are on the horizon, encouraging us to feel foot-loose and fancy free, enjoy socializing with friends and for young people to reclaim their energy and party after exams. It’s also a great season to commit to your passion and follow your purpose (not always easy for flitty Fires’ to do!) >  these ‘warm’ qualities are representative of the TCM yang Element of ‘Fire’.

We are an embodiment of the 5 Elements: The 5 Elements are a measure for health and wellbeing. Every ‘Element’ has a season, every season has a particular energetic vibration and every ‘vibration’ has an emotional tendency that corresponds to a vital body organ function or system.

For charisma of the Fire Element – Consider your heart!

‘The communication between the heart and brain is actually a dynamic, on-going two-way dialogue which affects how we perceive and react to the world’.

TCM philosophy holds the view that ‘the mind is housed in the heart’.                 This lovely ancient synergy is endorsed by recent modern research relating to ‘Heart Coherence’ – indicating that the heart is much more than a pump! The ‘heart-brain’:  it is also a highly complex information processing centre, influencing and interacting with the nervous system, hormonal system and immune system.

Warm-hearted: Emotionally, a balanced TCM Fire Element within us enables us to enjoy the warmth of relationships, to socialise, entertain and enjoy the company of others. Often the life and soul of the party, ‘Fire people’ can be excellent raconteurs, happy when they lead the way to spread fun and laughter.

When down-hearted becomes cold-hearted: Alternatively, when for various reasons Fire energy is out of balance, the positives become negatives and imagination, motivation, vitality, laughter, warmth (physical & emotional) and sexuality become subdued, depleted, even burnt out!

A helping hand: The power of touch helps to disconnect from stress.

The beauty of combining an appreciation of the 5-Elements with my meridian reflexology is that they point to wellness imbalances between emotional and physical states, tangibly expressed in the meridians which nourish and serve the body. Further, this holistic information helps me assess and interpret the language of the feet at a deeper more empathetic level in order to effect positive change and balance.

The hands contain acupressure points and meridians that support the body’s subtle energy system. For example the ‘Fire’ element meridians that flow through the hands are: heart, small intestines, triple burner (Sanjiao) and pericardium (more about these another time). 

All fired up!  As I say yes to life, life says yes to me. People with a strong Fire Element find it easier to say yes than no! They are so ‘in the moment’ and love to make the world a happier place. So common, bring on the fire, look after your heart, have fun and enjoy the high TCM summer vibe.

Mind body harmony: Everything works together for the benefit of the whole.

To find out more about these special relationships please contact me:

Louise Exeter

© June 2017

References: Lyrics: Bellamy Brothers Let Your Love Flow.  Quotations: Louise L. Hay.

Photo: I-stock.

Louise provides a range of deeply soothing and restoring treatments. She also gives talks to the public and runs CPD approved Classes for therapists on the 5-Elements and their meridians partnerships

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