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It’s a boy! …19.07.13

mentoring reflexology londonCelebrating birth from a reflexology perspective.

Pregnancy SOS!  I was contacted via Keats Complementary Health Practice in Enfield last Wednesday by a potential client saying they’d heard reflexology can assist with different stages of pregnancy – including birth inducement – could I help? (She was  nearly a week overdue).  Naturally, I was keen to offer my support with the proviso that I could not guarantee a definitive outcome – babies can be very strong minded, even when in the womb!  However, despite this realism, a range of gentle benefits for both mother-to-be and little one could be offered through the treatment process anyway.

Body Perspectives. When I look at the contours of the feet, hands and face, I visualise the body, its structure, organs and systems:  the range of these  ‘reflections’ provides an extensive treatment landscape.   Mix & Match: Working with 3 different treatment disciplines enables me to mix techniques and protocols and to ‘cherry pick’ from a larger treatment repertoire in order to match each client’s unique requirements

Head first, easy does it!  Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem offers a special labour inducing protocol with which I commenced each of my treatments.  This was followed with very specific Chi-Reflexology meridian and acupressure ’manoeuvres’ integrated with selective ‘top ups’ from standard reflexology on hands and feet. I had suggested x 3 treatments close together; the first was on Wednesday, the second Thursday night & No. 3 to be agreed. …

Ladies in Waiting:  This was the first time that I had included Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem so specifically and in combination with the ‘5 Elements’ acupressure approach of Chi-Reflexology.  I had pulled out all the stops, done everything I could…I was full of anticipation…but…it had all gone quiet.

Celebration time: Hip, hip hooray!  I was so happy to receive news that contractions started for my client the same night as her second treatment with me and – during the following day  – she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy,

It was a lovely experience treating a client at this stage and I felt so happy for her and her family.  Phew!  All this excitement and relief has prompted me to give birth to my very first blog.  Hello world from baby and me!

Louise Exeter MAR CNHC


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