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Reflexology Plus Therapies

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Facial Reflexology
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Not all reflexology is the same.  Not all treatments are the same


‘Chi’ Reflexology, Facial Reflexology,  Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

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 [BUDDA Meditation]

Reconnect to the physical and emotional synergy of you

because taking ownership of your well-being is positively empowering.

Positively therapeutic!  From head to toe all my therapies, including Emotional Freedom Technique (known as EFT or Tapping) are to support you for increased physical and emotional positivity and mind-body calm. Testimonials.

Colour work and counselling skills also play supportive roles, helping clients focus on key issues and separate out from stress. For more information please see below.

Mix and match. All therapies are compatible: they can be used individually, in combination, or as an extra top-up to meet your specific needs, For example: Release the emotional, relax the physical with Reflexology plus Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) –  a great partnership for an extra dose of stress relief and deeper mind-body tranquillity. Feel like a rejuvenating top and tail session?  A soothing, relaxing, two-hours of nourishing Reflexology + Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem is like a mini-spa!  For more information please see below.



“I have been receiving face and foot reflexology from Louise, initially for insomnia and stress-related symptoms. The whole ambience of the experience has lead to a complete feeling of relaxation, with improvement in my symptoms. Louise is always eager to answer my questions and provide an explanation of this therapy. This is the best reflexology I have had and I always look forward to my next session.  Rona R



Revitalise and re-harmonise your physical and emotional self

Listen to your body: Working with the body’s messages to diffuse the effects of stress, my reflexology treatments are based on the restoring principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), gentle acupressure techniques (no needles) and soothing yin-yang meridian flows. I am especially guided by the ebb and flow of your physical and emotional energies.  My intention: to redirect your energy through the sensitive power of touch to where it’s needed through deeply relaxing and replenishing treatments. see below for more)




Taking ‘time for me’ is an investment, not a guilty pleasure. Think about it this way.  


Listen to your feelings: Why? When? To counter the demands of modern living life-style pressures, any time could be treatment time. Also for recuperation following illness or surgery, addressing specific health imbalances and for giving nature a helping hand as you go through your pregnancy journey[copy cut]


[DOVE & RAInbow or BEE]


“Emotions are the origins of our physical health”                In balance they enhance, out of balance they disrupt.


Listen to your thoughts. Emotions are thoughts in action!

Move on to empowerment: let negative feelings go and positive energy flow: I work with ‘Positive EFT and motivational affirmations to help you release physical and emotional stress-block patterns. Tapping into your emotions and the meridians has a reputation for increasing optimism and reducing anxiety, stress, fears and phobias.

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2 in 1 Reflexology supporting your body: Reflexology follows the principle that micro reflexes mirror the body’s composition; they provide stress cues for treatment plan and correspond to states of wellness. Significant physical and emotional health links also exist between the nourishing meridian flows (orange) and their mind-body-harmony partners the five elements.  My reflexology marries both systems to bring greater treatment creativity, empathy and resonance.

“I first came to Louise when I was going through a difficult family crisis and she showed great sensitivity as we talked my feelings through. Then she made me feel comfortable and relaxed in a highly professional way.  The treatment itself is extremely powerful in a gentle way.  After having regular sessions, I have attained an inner peace that I cherish.” (Judy S)



Facial Reflexology Sorensensistem: This soothing and rejuvenating facial therapy is a combines of includes ancient and modern massage regimes, reflexology, acu-pressure (no needles) and meridian head and face flows, topped up with nourishing techniques from the Far East and South America to cleanse and revitalise the skin. This treatment invites a calm balancing effect on the whole body – some of my clients have found it especially helpful for calming tension headaches, soothing ‘gut reactions’ and for post stroke comfort.

“ The rosehip oil used was lovely it was gentle and soothing on my skin. Louise’s touch is light yet strong enough to feel my skin was receiving a massage. . .The whole experience was the most relaxing I have ever had. Line space

My skin felt soft and supple, moreover, I felt calm and relaxed I can only recommend you give it a go”

Jane R

I love and value myself. /

Taking time for me is an investment not a guilty pleasure!

Ask yourself, what’s the energy you want to feel and walk around with?
To find out more about my North London based Reflexology Plus Therapies or to book an appointment please contact me

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