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Feedback: Link Feet in Chi was “Really motivational and opens up a new world working with energy” Ulla May 2016
Feedback: “An extremely informative workshop with a great level of depth to take away and use in conjunction with the current therapies I offer” Sam April 2016
Feedback: “A thorough and informative course which not only introduced new aspects but ignited further learning.
Looking forward to offering my clients a rewarding treatment” 
Sheila March 2016
Feedback: “Louise taught with a passion for the subject of Linking Feet in Chi.  She has a depth of experience which adds individualism to teaching.  Aids, workbooks and teaching were of a very high standard”  Loretta February 2016
Feedback: “A very interesting and thought provoking day. Link Feet in Chi adds new dimensions and depth to a reflexology session”.
Penny 18th September 2015
Feedback: “Link Feet in Chi was incredibly interesting and really well thought out. The presentation was clear and was at a pace that suited the group, taking into account the levels of knowledge in TCM for everyone attending. It was just what I had wanted and expected; something to whet my appetite for more knowledge on TCM and how it can relate to reflexology. Debbie 3rd October 2015
Feedback: “Louise has delivered another excellent and informative workshop (Link Hands in Chi) which completes the picture for incorporating 5-Element theory into reflexology treatment.  I look forward to seeing another improvement in my treatment sessions” Moira 10th September 2015
Feedback:  “Thank you Louise Exeter for a wonderful Link Feet in Chi workshop yesterday. Very informative with an excellent handout, for anyone interested in furthering their knowledge of TCM links in reflexology.” Moira June 2015
Feedback:I was daunted to hear that the course today was on a 1-2-1 but Louise was fantastic and very knowledgeable in her teaching and very inspiring’
Maureen June 2014

Feedback“What an enjoyable and knowledgeable day.  Interesting to see the connection of Meridians and using them in hand reflexology. Thank you for a lovely day.”
Mario Feb 2014 (Head of North London A.O.R. Group)
Feedback: “This Hands in Chi Wellness Links Workshop  was a Very professional presentation.  Very informative, Condenses a very broad subject and clarifies it.
Really good.  I felt I learnt a lot.” 
Louise November 2013    

Classes Feedback

Feedback: The workshop was very informative and really helped me gain a better understanding of the 5 elements. Louise was extremely professional and by adding her own personal touches to the presentation, helped to simplify this rather complex system. I would definitely recommend this workshop to anyone who has an interest in TCM and wants to enhance their Reflexology treatments”  Louise
Feedback: “Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Louise Exeter for taking me through her Marvellous Meridians and Link Feet in Chi courses in North London.  My curiosity came from clients describing to me a shift in energy during treatment and me not really knowing why or how. The course has allowed me to hone in on this skill, save my hands and offer a better quality treatment.  It’s a huge subject and I still have lots to learn but my confidence is brimming! Sheila March 2016
Feedback: “I traveled all the way from Holland, and I’m pleased to say it was worth it!  Thanks again, Louise!  Sheila A.O.R. Facebook March 2016
Feedback: “I thoroughly enjoyed the combined Master Class.  I found Louise’s style of teaching and the working environment ever so relaxed and inviting.  There is so much to learn regarding the 5-Elements and Meridians, don’t get me wrong, I’m not an expert now but the course gave me everything I needed to gain confidence in working with them both and bringing them into my reflexology treatments.  It’s really opened the door and I am excited to learn more with Louise’ Julie May 2016
Feedback: I found Louise’s Mater Class extremely informative, given in a bite-sized capacity which has whetted my appetite for TCM’ Sam May 2016
Feedback: “A very interesting afternoon and well presented course delivered by Louise with passion’ Carol March 2016

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