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Feel nourished. Re-connect to the physical and emotional synergy of you with Reflexology Plus Therapies.

‘Chi’ Reflexology, Facial Reflexology, Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)

You can’t have one without the other!  The physical and emotional are inseparable aspects of you. Nurture one aspect and you nurture another. That’s the way it is!  Health matters! Realign your emotions with your feelings and your feelings with your body. Feel holistically supported and better than before. For more info check my Therapies

How I can help: Whether you are getting ready for baby, recovering after illness, addressing specific emotional or wellness issues or just want to relax and refresh, I’m here to help you re-set to calm, re-charge your batteries, get back to balance and feel better than when you walked through my door! I offer you the benefit of over 20 years’ holistic caring and counselling experience and a range of compatible therapies for emotional and physical TLC to re-vitalise your sense of Be-ing

Not all reflexology is the same! East meets West: I’m into energy work and my therapies are different! Why? Because the marvelous meridian system and informative ‘5-Elements’ well-being partnerships underpin all my therapies.  Based on classical Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Philosophy, they jump start your personal energy, nourish the entire body, build on the foundations of traditional reflexology and provide deeper treatment resonance.

Meridians are your energy highways and by-ways. The 5-Elements are your physical and emotional energy blue print.

Special extras! Blending the best:  additionally, my treatment ‘tool kit’ references diverse therapy insights, traditions and touch styles for therapeutic focus from respected experts around the world. These also enhance and augment main-stream methods. Some of them are especially tailored for the pregnancy journey.

Becoming you. Becoming mind-body positive. De-stressing is the journey. Unwinding the process. Un-stressed the destination. Caring for you my mission. For more info check my Therapies

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Reflexology Plus Therapies
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