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Your intentions drive the experience!
De-stress your emotions with Emotional freedom techniques.

EFT Louise Exeter

If you nurture one aspect of yourself you nurture another!  Meridians have a resonance with mind, body, spirit through sense of self, physical performance and emotional perspectives.

A theme of connectivity exists: the meridian energy network connects to muscles, joints, organs and body systems – all of these can be deeply affected – for better or worse – by our thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

“It’s only a thought and a thought can be changed… I am not limited by any past thinking” (Louise Hay)

Power up your thoughts!  Do your past experiences and old emotional ‘wounds’ dictate to your thoughts and feelings now?  Then there’s no time like the present to power up your thoughts by releasing the negatives of the past and moving forward to the future with positive energy thinking, feeling, doing, tapping! The methods used with Emotional Freedom Technique to release manipulative thought patterns that don’t constructively serve you.

Thinking.  Feeling.  Doing.  Tapping! Shift the emotional thought blocks and blinkers!

E.F.T. = Emotional TCP! Working with positive words and thoughts and physically tapping into meridian pathways creates an energetic link between them. A thinking-feeling connection. Good energy synergy! Guided E.F.T. and Positive E.F.T. therapy work to exchange the negatives for the positives – to shift the boundaries of limiting, thought and related behaviour patterns.

 I choose my thoughts with care. I constantly have new insights and new ways of looking at my world. I am willing to change and grow” (Louise Hay)

Move on to empowerment:  This helps you to move, step by step, to kinder, healthier emotional perspectives. Inspire yourself!  Engaging with qualities such as Love, Acceptance, Forgiveness, form emotionally liberating building blocks and create bridges of healing vibes for improved well-Being.

E.F.T. & Positive E.F. T represent personal development energy work.  Although E.F.T’s ‘grass roots’ lie within the psychotherapy field, I do not recommend this is as a substitute for psycho-therapy or mainstream counseling. E.F.T. and Positive E.F.T. encapsulate my ‘Meridian Way’ range of holistic-care therapies for wellness,  wellbeing and personally uplifting subtle energy work.

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