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2020 Year of the ‘Metal Rat’

Year of Change and Transition. Beginnings and Endings. A great Year for Manifestation but don’t let the good things slip through your fingers!

I’m super excited about this year, not only because of the numerical optimism, astrological signs and planetary influences – I’m excited because 2020 is the auspicious year of the Metal Rat – a great year for new beginnings and manifestation.

But as with every up-side there is a potential downside! What are the implications? Well with every new beginning there is likely to be an ending.

When one door closes another opens. How we open and close these metaphorical doors matters!

As the first animal in the Chinese Zodiac, Metal Rat brings positive energy   for the start of a new 12 month period. Ratty is the symbol of busyness, bravery, determination and acquisition.  Interested in people and places, our Metal Rat also stands for curiosity, sociability, loyalty and family values.  All, therefore, likely to be highlighted this year.  Ratty also comes with the added influence of his own creative ‘Water’ Element.   ‘Water’ (like Ratty himself) represents both the start and finish of a cycle – New Beginnings and Endings are in the air.

Despite these laudable qualities, the Rat has a reputation for rushing too much and easy distraction – not so good at focus and finish – a message emphasis on completion for you if you are embarking on new projects this year.

There is a lot of Yang energy attached to this year which could be both inspiring and challenging – adding a cautionary note – avoid disharmony between male and female energies.  As the Metal Rat contains both Yang Male and Yin Female qualities proportionately; working for harmony between the two is something to invest in this year.

Despite this, 2020 is a great year for ‘breathing new life’ (Metal) and creativity (Water) into friendships, partnerships and projects. It’s will also be a year for for ‘letting go’ of what’s no longer necessary (Metal) and giving birth (Water) to new beginnings. Always think of balance and harmony.

Out with the old.  In with the new. Making a difference begins with you!

The power lies within to attract more joy, walk fresh pathways of personal discovery and to connect with your potential.   If you’d like to step into the positive energies of 2020 for 2020 with a little help, please check out my spiritual side!

Wishing you all a marvellous year of manifestation.

Louise Exeter

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